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Updates, answers and an anecdote

Nigel, Monday 22nd April, 2013

Hello all. I've added a few things to the website to tell you about. Fascinating I know.

First there's an option in the comments now to enter your email address so you can be updated if anyone replies to your comment. We promise we won't use your email address for any other reason, and since it's just the four of us doing this (it's not farmed out to a website company or run by our management or record label) you can be sure that it won't happen 'by mistake' somehow, but I thought it might be a useful feature for those that want it.

Also on the home page there's now a new link to Ask Us Questions. There were a few questions on the very first blog here, so I will answer them now, but from now on it should be easier and better on the all new page!

Tammy, Sat 13th April 2013, 12:36:02 AM
Ok so here's the first question. how are you all spending your well deserved time off ?

I can only speak for myself, I have two children so the rare times when we're not doing anything I spend with them, so they don't forget what I look like!

Dave, Sat 13th April 2013, 12:42:01 AM
What is one thing you miss while on tour? Families and pets not included.

Not cooking for myself, and others. It's nice for a while to always be 'eating out', but I certainly end up craving the creation of a meal.

Wendy, Sat 13th April 2013, 01:11:51 AM
I love the new website. Brilliant idea. How about a separate "Ask Us" section? Frank's "Ask Me" section of his forum is my favorite part of his site.


Chelsealeigh, Sat 20th April 2013, 02:42:28 PM
Cracking website.

Question: what is each member's favourite song off TDH?

I think we're all processing on this one. I have a feeling this question will come up on the Ask Us page, so I'll wait for everyone to weigh in when that happens. K?

So there was an anecdote that I told everyone about our show at Brixton Academy that my compatriots said I should share, but tonight I'm suddenly feeling a little more shy. It'll have to wait for another day I guess. Sorry everyone. Soon!


Elaine, Wed 24th April 2013, 06:00:12 PM
Why is Matt doing all the TV and in-store appearances with Frank? Is it merely his multi-instrument musical talent or an anti-Dive Dive conspiracy?


Nigel, Tue 23rd April 2013, 12:10:24 AM
Hello everyone. There's a specific page for questions linked from the home page. I guess I'm not quite the amazing communicator I thought I was. But I'll answer these questions as best I can!


Yvonne, Mon 22nd April 2013, 11:21:59 PM
What are you most looking forward to with the band for the rest of this year?

Nigel, Tue 23rd April 2013
Impossible to pick something I think. It has the hallmarks of a hard but good year. I want to be surprised mostly. :-)


George, Mon 22nd April 2013, 11:21:40 PM
Really want to say how much I absolutely love the new album, listened to it so many times already, but I was wondering how everyone got into this business, did anyone follow music at college or anything like that?

Nigel, Tue 23rd April 2013
Matt was at BassTech in London way back when. Everyone else is self-taught. I taught on a music BND for quite some time, if that counts...


George Strange, Mon 22nd April 2013, 11:17:40 PM
Nigel - If you ever have enough time do you think you could do drum tabs?

Nigel, Tue 23rd April 2013
Will get around to it at some point I hope. Time needs careful management at the moment.

George Strange, Wed 28th August 2013
Ah wow cheers for replying, I only just got told that u replied. Gutted I missed u at Reading but i'm seeing you at Plymouth, can't wait!


Ally F , Mon 22nd April 2013, 10:33:44 PM
Do you think you'll all be coming out after the show in Birmingham with frank?? would love to meet you guys!

Nigel, Tue 23rd April 2013
We tend to hang around, if you spot us before or after then come and say hi. For me I do tend to wander out, but being shy and English I find it odd sometimes, especially when I know people are really waiting for Frank.