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Rock and Roll EP

Rock and Roll EP
Frank Turner

Release date: Friday 3rd December, 2010
Producer: Tristan Ivemy
Engineer: Tristan Ivemy
Label: Xtra Mile

  1. I Still Believe
  2. Pass It Along
  3. Rock & Roll Romance
  4. To Absent Friends
  5. The Next Round

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We recorded the Rock & Roll EP in September 2010 at the Church Studios in London with Tristan Ivemy engineering and producing. We only had a short gap in between tours to arrange the songs, rehearse them and get them down; about a week in total I think. This EP has some great tracks on it, in particular Drinking Song, which would make my top 10 list of FT songs with ease. Another great song on the record is Rock and Roll Romance. EPs are difficult beasts because they rarely retain the salience that albums do over time; songs that would have been classics given space on an album become b-sides, relegated to the void and resurrected occasionally only by whim or chance.