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Nigel's current drum setup

Nigel, Friday 12th April, 2013

Here's my drumkit for the upcoming tour, for those who like to peruse such things.

Drums: SJC Custom Drums
22" x 15" Birch Kick drum
Evans EMAD2 / EQ3 Reso
10" x 7", 9 x 13" Birch Rack Toms
16" x 16" Birch Floor Tom
Evans G2 Clear / EC Resonant
14" x 7" Maple Snare with wood hoops
Evans G2 Coated / Hazy 300
Puresound snare wires

Cymbals: Sabian
13" HH Medium hats
21" HH Raw Bell Dry Ride
17" AAX Crash
18" AAX Fast Crash
18" AA China
7" Radia Nano Hat top
7" Radia Nano Hat bottom
10" HH Legacy splash

Sticks: ProMark Nigel Powell signature sticks
(based on the Phil Collins signature sticks)
ProMark TB6 brushes

Roland SPD-S sample pad (there's a couple of things on the new album that have sound effects and subtle things that we're incorporating live. Pre-Matt, this li'l baby did all of the keyboard parts!)

various percussion bits, Korg metronome


Bunny, Sat 3rd August 2013, 10:10:58 PM
This is awesome. I was at last night's show, with a decent view, and I was very curious about your set-up. I am a music teacher and I have a very passionate young drummer in my music program. He eats up any information I can share; while he seems to enjoy concert band, and even more so, jazz band, his heart belongs to rock. Thanks for posting this... I am excited to share it with him.