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The Road and Peggy Sang The Blues - Drumming

Nigel, Sunday 5th May, 2013

Maybe at some point I will try and score out some of the drum parts for songs. In the meantime I video my playing from time to time to check I'm not rushing or screwing things up too badly. Here's a bit of one of the shows, you should be able to work out most of what I'm doing on this couple of songs from this angle. Added a few annotations so you know what's in my head :-)


Not telling, Mon 6th May 2013, 01:14:45 AM
I think I am in love! ;) Ben is pure class in the background, he is a nutter ;)

Nigel, Mon 6th May 2013
I love watching Ben onstage as well. Although possibly I'm getting a different kind of pleasure from it...

The same as above, Tue 7th May 2013
Sorry poppet I was talking about watching your drumming action..Ben is just a nutter in the background, had to comment on it ;)...ok, love your style too Ben ;)  I’m skedaddling :)


Wendy, Sun 5th May 2013, 08:53:53 PM
More, please. I see you have some backup sticks there. How often do you drop one, and have you ever run out of backups and had to go hunting around on the floor?

Nigel, Mon 6th May 2013
I do occasionally drop sticks, but never so many that I've run out! Sometimes I even manage to juggle my way back into possession of the dropped stick. I think I have a video somewhere, I'll try and find it...


Phill, Sun 5th May 2013, 02:36:10 PM
Could watch a whole set like that. You guys have to be the best band I've ever seen, the whole energy on stage is incredible!

Nigel, Mon 6th May 2013
Thanks Phil, I'll try and put up a whole set-worth of this, but probably in slices. It might be difficult to stomach all in one big 90 minute chunk!

notBen, Tue 7th May 2013
I second that! I'd love to see a full version of Sons of Liberty and the double bass pedal work that you're doing (I think?) on TDH. Talk about a drums driven album. Worst thing I ever did with a stick was miss the floor tom but find my knee cap. Leg woke up about ten minutes later....

Nigel, Tue 7th May 2013
Hi notBen (sorry, our website does that to those people unfortunate enough to have the same name as any band members), I'll see what I can do, haven't done Sons Of Liberty for quite a while (although you can see some bits of it dissected on my YouTube channel). There's a little double kick on TDH but not that much. And - Ouch!

Glyn, Tue 24th February 2015
Definitely appreciate the skill that's needed to compliment the songs that I love. These video clips are great. Can't wait to see you at the Albert Hall, my 8 year old daughter who loves The Real Damage is slightly miffed she can't go! Good luck

Nigel, Wed 25th February 2015
Thanks Glyn. Really looking forward to the Albert Hall show, never played that venue before, although I've seen a few shows. (Actually saying that I have a vague memory of singing The Toreador Song from Carmen there with a school choir when I was a little chap. So maybe it's my *second* gig at the RAH...)

Glyn, Wed 25th February 2015
I've seen a few bands there, it is such at atmospheric building and environment so the chance of seeing Frank and you guys will be a night to remember. Enjoy the experience, hopefully it will be as memorable in years to come as you wearing shorts singing The Toreador Song! ..... Chuffed you replied, means a lot!